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Yoga Classes and Workshops

I am a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200) trained in the Viniyoga lineage by Tracy Weber at Whole Life Yoga in Seattle in 2008. I specialize in prenatal yoga as well as for conditions such as back pain, emotional trauma, anxiety and insomnia. I focus on adapting all of the tools of yoga (postures, breathing, meditation, sound and ritual) to make them approachable, fun and accessible to everyone enabling them to find greater peace, health and vitality.

I am currently teaching the following ongoing classes:

Sign up for one these ongoing classes at the Discover Yoga website.

Every quarter, I also teach a Prenatal Couples Yoga Workshop.

Sign up for this workshop at Discover Yoga and sign up early, as this is a popular workshop with limited space.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are taught on a one-on-one basis, either in your home or an agreed upon space. This allows me to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, to assess your present condition and discuss your goals which will then allow me to plan specifically for your needs.

Together we develop a personalized home practice that may include some or all of the following tools:

Private sessions are by appointment only, so please call or email to book an appointment



Tracy's remarkable knowledge of yoga, and her vibrant and gentle spirit, have seen me through two pregnancies now. I was a student in her very first prenatal yoga class, and from the very beginning, I always left class feeling strong, beautiful, and more at ease in my own growing skin. Tracy's classes not only helped strengthen and prepare my body for childbirth, but they helped clear my anxious mind, and taught me to treat myself with grace and love. Tracy just has a way of inspiring that in her students - you can't spend time with her and not feel good.

My favorite part of every class was always the very end, when Tracy would offer up a reading or quote relevant to motherhood or wherever we might be in that moment. Somehow, it was always perfect. I often left class with tears in my eyes, happy tears, and the calm energy that filled the room was always something I wished I could bottle up and carry with me. ~Jessica