My story

Hello! My name is Tracy Coons CD(DONA) and I am a certifod birth doula and I am also a registered Yoga Instructor specializing in yoga for pregnancy.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 25 wonderful years. Together we have five beautiful children, Jesse, Spencer, Taij, Terran, and Aidan, who are all young adults and teenagers now. (How did that happen?) We have lived in Canada and the UK and now call Sammamish, Washington our home. We are a homeschooling family, which means that when I am not teaching yoga or seeing doula clients, I get to spend my days living and learning alongside my kids!

After birthing five babies, I have learned that every pregnancy and birth is unique. No two births (or children, for that matter) are alike. Each birth offers its own joys and challenges. I have given birth in hospitals, at home, in bed, and in water. Each time, I was overcome by the power that birth has to transform us. At its best, the experience of giving birth can help people find their amazing power, strength, and resilience. The miracle of birthing a baby has the ability to transform us like no other experience. I believe that, as well as information and preparation, a key component to having a positive birth experience is the presence of caring, uninterrupted support during labour. I continue to be awed and inspired by the processes of pregnancy, labour, and birth. My work supporting expectant parents in my yoga classes and at births is inspiring and rewarding beyond words. Your journey to meet your new baby is one of the most exciting times in your life and I am honored to get to be part of it.

My Doula Philosophy

I firmly believe that there are as many right ways to give birth as there are people. This is your journey, your family, and your body. My job is to work with you to provide information, education, and above all support to help you plan for and achieve the birth you want. I know that our bodies are perfectly designed to do the work of growing and birthing babies and that the most important thing we can do is trust that wisdom and do our best to limit our interference with the process. When we feel safe and supported and are undisturbed, we can tune into our instincts and are free to find our own way through labour.

I have experienced firsthand the incredible power that birthing has to heal and transform us. I have a special interest in assisting those who have experienced past trauma (birth trauma or sexual assault or abuse). Through the When Survivors Give Birth workshop taught by Penny Simkin at Bastyr University, I learned many valuable techniques to help individuals not only birth with confidence but heal and become empowered through the birthing process.

I support all sorts, shapes and sizes of families, and people of all genders.